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Narsaq - a small village in the South of Greenland. You will fly to Narsarsuaq and sail through the tranquil fjords on the way to Narsaq.

Air Iceland Connect offers a package with flight, accommodation and a boat tour to Narsaq for 3-4 nights.

The hotel package includes:
Round trip flights between Reykjavik airport and Narsarsuaq
Boat tour between Narsarsuaq and Narsaq and return
3-4 nights at Hotel Narsaq, standard double room with breakfast. 
Travel period: Mid-June throughout September 2020
Price from €1.359 per person (for three nights)

Glaciers and history
Whether you are interested in the history of Inuits or the Nordic history, glaciers, all types of minerals and rocks, hunting, fishing or just a magnificent landscape, then South Greenland will be something for you.

South Greenland has great contrasts in the landscape and known for the flower fields and green valleys, fjords filled with ice bergs, numerous glaciers and mountain valleys rich of minerals. In the south of Greenland there is well developed agriculture, vast grazed areas for sheep’s and horses. It also has very well-preserved ruins of the buildings from the settlement of Erik the Red. He is known for discovering Greenland and be the first permanent European settler in Greenland.


Small villages in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq is a village with around 123 inhabitants in 2020. In Narsarsuaq is an international airport, which was built as a military air base, and is therefore a kind of opening to the wonders of South Greenland. From Narsarsuaq you can sail to the three main towns in south Greenland, Narsaq, Qaqortoq and Nanortalik, only 40 minutes up to two hours away.

Qaqortoq is the biggest town with around 3050 inhabitants in 2020 with fish and shrimp processing but also provides with administrative and educational services.

Narsaq has around 1346 inhabitants in 2020, blooming agriculture and fishery and mountains full of minerals.

Our packages

We offer packages to Narsaq with accommodation at Hotel Narsaq and Igldo hostel. Included is the boat from Narsarsuaq to Narsaq and return.