Book your flight from Reykjavik to Vopnafjordur with Air Iceland Connect. Flights to Vopnafjordur are operated by Norlandair from Akureyri Airport. 

This quaint little fishing village of seven hundred inhabitants, situated in one of the most picturesque fjords of North-East Iceland, is most certainly worth a visit. 

Oneway / Roundtrip

The beautiful scenic mixture of mountains and fjords combined with incredibly good weather makes it a great place for hiking. If you would like to try angling, the area has some of the best salmon rivers in addition to trout fishing in local lakes and the possibility of sea fishing.

Discovering the town
You can visit Bustarfell, the local folk museum, with its distinctive traditional turf roof, or drop in to the town's hotel and enjoy some mouth-watering local cuisine.

Book a boat trip 
At the hotel you can book a boat trip to explore the fjord with its teeming bird life, seals and an occasional whale.  
A wide range of activities guarantee that you will have plenty to choose from when visiting this lovely area.