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To truly sense the remote beauty of the north-east, then the charming little fishing village of Thorshofn on the north-east coast is the place to go.

Oneway / Roundtrip

The village Thorshofn (Þórshöfn in Icelandic) has been an authorized trading post since 1836. It has a good, natural harbour and the inhabitants base their livelihood on fishing, fish processing and commerce.


Varied birdlife
The Langanes Peninsula is also one of the best areas in which to enjoy Iceland's rich and varied birdlife. Thorshofn is also within driving distance of some Iceland's most prized natural pearls, such as Myvatn, with its geothermal activity, and the waterfall Dettifoss, one of Europe's most powerful and spectacular waterfalls.

There are a few interesting salmon rivers and forel- and char lakes nearby.


Outdoor activities
The town has a range of accommodation available, as well as a swimming pool and restaurant. There is a variety of outdoor activity on offer from hiking to salmon and trout fishing and horse trekking in some of Iceland's most spectacular scenery.


Sea birds
The Peninsula Langanes, which narrows like a spear point toward northeast, is home to large colonies of sea birds, which are still a source of sustenance for the locals. Nowadays, the area is very sparsely populated.

Most farms have been abandoned during the last few decades. Some of the remaining farmers tend the breeding colonies of the eider duck, collect the down, clean it and sell it at high prices.