Book your flight from Reykjavik or Akureyri to Grimsey island with Air Iceland Connect. Flights to Grimsey are operated by Norlandair from Akureyri Airport. 

Magic of the midnight sun! Since it is crossed by the Arctic Circle, Grimsey is the perfect location to experience the magic of the midnight sun. 

Oneway / Roundtrip

Just 40 kilometers off Iceland's northern coast is the island of Grimsey, where the one hundred or so inhabitants make their living from the rich bounty of the surrounding sea.

Colonies of sea birds
The island's sheer cliffs are home to huge colonies of sea birds and in the summer the intrepid islanders will abseil down the cliff faces to collect the eggs that are considered a local delicacy.


Hospitable community
This remote and beautiful island, where the local church is built from driftwood, is steeped in folklore and legend. Here is a rare opportunity to visit a close-knit and hospitable community living in harmony with its environment on the northern verge of the inhabitable world.

The island has a strong association with the game of chess, all thanks to the generosity of the 19th century American philanthropist Willard Fiske, who presented the islanders with chess boards, a library and donations of money.