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Nuuk is the oldest town in Greenland, as this was the place where the Danish-Norwegian priest Hans Egede in 1728 founded the city in search of the missing Norse from Iceland. 

Nuuk is a hectic city in Greenlandic terms, but that is rarely the impression that visitors get of the capital city with just 15,000 inhabitants.

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Colourful Nuuk

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, balancing commerce and culture with fresh air and stunning views.

Travel in Nuuk

A short video about traveling in Nuuk and surroundings.

Greenland’s capital name is Nuuk, meaning “the headland” and is situated at the tip of a large peninsula at the mouth of a gigantic fjord complex.


Nuuk is also the oldest town in Greenland. Nuuk is a hectic city in Greenlandic terms, but that is rarely the impression that visitors get of one of the world’s smallest capital cities with only 15,000 inhabitants.


Whale safaris
Outside Nuuk is a major fjord system, which is particularly well-suited to ocean-going attractions.
On a whale safari you can get close to the many humpback and minke whales, which from early summer to the onset of autumn frequent the waters just outside the town. In addition, helicopter trips to the ice sheet and Norse ruins are popular combination excursions, as are visits to settlements by boat.


Also recommended is a visit to the National Museum of Greenland at the old part of town to get an archaeological and historical understanding of Greenland now and before. The Art Museum and the city council chamber, which is decorated by large tapestries with motifs from Greenlandic culture and nature is also worth a visit.

What to bring and wear
Whether you are visiting Greenland in the summer or in the winter it is advised to prepare your trip with the right gear and equipment. The weather in Nuuk is very uncertain and changes quickly. 

Arctic city 
Nuuk is what you would call an Arctic big city with cinemas, cafés, shops, local designers and interesting souvenir shops. There is also a vibrant nightlife in the weekends in the local bars and discos. The city is historically impressive to explore and the surrounding nature invites you to go exploring. 

Click here to plan your trip and read about practical information when traveling to Greenland. For activities in Nuuk and surrounding areas Guide to Greenland offers a variety of tours.

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