Only a two-hour flight away from Reykjavik Airport

Since you have already travelled as far as Iceland, why not now write another thrilling chapter in your northern adventure by visiting Greenland, which is only a two-hour flight away.

Air Iceland Connect offers both day tours to Kulusuk a hotel package to Kulusuk and a 2 night hotel package to Ammassalik (helicopter transfer from Kulusuk).

Oneway / Roundtrip

The small village of Kulusuk is situated on the island Kulusuk in East Greenland. There you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the ancient Inuit culture, best reflected in the beautiful craftsmanship of the carvings done in tusk and bone.

Natural wilderness

The beauty of the country's natural wilderness, combined with the Inuit cultural experience, may very well mean that your visit to Greenland will rank as one of your most cherished memories.


Equipment and planning
There are many things to consider, before taking a trip to Greenland. The weather in Greenland is shifting and whether you visit in the summer or the winter we advise you to pack your suitcase accordingly. 

Click here to plan your trip and read about practical information when traveling to Greenland.