Points and payment

By using Icelandair Saga Points and payment, Icelandair Saga Club members can take advantage of Saga Points as payment for all general airfares on the website of Air Iceland Connect. Members can pay airfares, fuel, taxes and fees to all the destinations of Air Iceland Connect both domestic and to Greenland, either completely or partially by combining Icelandair Saga Points with other means of payment.

The option of logging into your Saga Club account is now available under the column “Your selection” in the booking engine, where you can see a summary of the booking.
Both a Saga Club number (or email) and password must be entered (click here for lost user name or password).

Children travelling on their own
As it is not possible to book children travelling on their own through our online booking engine, the option of paying with Icelandair Saga Points is not available.

Terms and conditions
Special terms, in addition to the general terms and conditions for selected fares, apply when paying for flights with Icelandair Saga Points. View terms 

Earning Icelandair Saga Points

The customers of Air Iceland Connect can earn Icelandair Saga Points and Tier Credits  from Icelandair Saga Club when purchasing all general airfares (see more information on the difference between Saga Points and Tier Credits).

Members of Icelandair Saga Club earn 1.000 Saga Points for each flown flight-leg on Business Card and Flexible fares, 500 Saga Points for Classic airfares and 200 for Light fares. This applies to all flights flown by Air Iceland Connect within Iceland and to Greenland.

To earn points, you must register your Saga Club number when booking online, by telephone or register the points after the flight here.

In addition, customers can earn points when booking hotel rooms and rental cars through Air Iceland Connect.

Excluded from earning Points
Saga Club Points are not earned from charter flights. Saga Points are not earned when travelling with partners such as Norlandair to Grimsey, Thorshofn or Vopnafjordur or to the Faroe Islands with Atlantic Airways. No Icelandair Saga Points are earned for package tours booked through the Travel Agency Department, group fares or purchases of gift vouchers.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the registration of Icelandair Saga Points, please contact our Service Centre.

If you are not already an Icelandair Saga Club member, you can register here and start earning Points immediately.

Oneway / Roundtrip