The Loftbrú discount scheme provides a 40% discount on the total fare of all domestic routes to and from the capital area. A full discount is given, regardless of whether you choose a discounted fare or a full fare.

Each individual is entitled to lower fares on up to three round trips to and from Reykjavík per year (six flights). 

FAQ about the discount scheme can be found here

Oneway / Roundtrip

Loftbrú on Air Iceland Connect's web

We have done our best to make the process as easy as possible for our customers, but we ask users to download the code from and familiarize themselves well with the terms and conditions of Air Iceland Connect for Loftbrú before booking a flight.

How do I apply the discount code in the Air Iceland Connect's booking engine

After downloading the discount code from the Loftbru website, go to the Air Iceland Connect website

1.In the booking engine, check the box marked Loftbrú. Dates, place of departure, destination and number of passengers are chosen.
2. On the next page, prices with the Loftbrú discount will appear in green to give users an idea of the price with the discount from Loftbrú, subject to all passengers in the booking being entitled to a discount.
3. Next, additional services are added if the passenger decides to add them (seats, baggage allowance, etc.).
4. Where passenger information is entered, the code from is entered and the name, date of birth, year and gender of the passenger are automatically filled in. The passenger fills in the information about the e-mail address and telephone number along with the Saga Club number if requested.
5. On the payment step all the payment methods available on the web can be used to make the final payment.





Air Iceland Connect‘s Terms and Conditions for Loftbrú


• The discount code from Loftbrú can be used for all general fares in the Air Iceland Connect booking engine
• The discount code is only applicable for new bookings made through the Air Iceland Connect booking engine
• After a booking has been made, the Loftbrú discount code can not be applied afterward
• The discount code can not be used to book group fares, gift certificates, Fluginneignir, Business card fares or packages. Only applicable to general fares (Light, Classic and Flexible) in the booking engine

Changes and cancellations

• Change fee is calculated from a full fare without the discount
• Cancellation fee is calculated from a full fare without the discount
• Name change is not allowed
• If the passenger is entitled to a full refund due to flight cancellation the right to use Loftbrú is then transferred back to the passenger
• When a non-refundable fare (Light fare) is cancelled the right to use Loftbrú is not transferred back to the passenger

Terms and conditions for cancellations and changes apply for the fare type that is booked

Íslandskort sem sýnir skilgreint svæð þeirra sem eiga rétt á Loftbrú.