Only 40 minutes flight from Reykjavik Airport

  • This town celebrates the reappearance of the sun in February every year
  • Prominent winter sports culture
  • Home to the "I Never Went South" acclaimed music festival
  • Stay the night and book a hotel in Isafjordur
  • We offer a variety of excursions in Isafjordur through our partners. They can be explored and booked here. (flights not included and must be booked separately)
Oneway / Roundtrip

Unique Iceland: Westfjords

One of the more remote areas in Iceland, the Westfjords are a combination of striking nature and hard-working people.


The Westfjords are characterised by tall mountains, bird cliffs, natural hot springs, and friendly fishing communities.

There is something magical about flying to Isafjordur. The flight is scenic and beautiful but so are all domestic flights in Iceland. It’s the flight approach that is without a doubt one of a kind and you’ll know why as you descend at the end of this magnificent fjord.


What awaits is the wonderful capital of the Westfjords, the town of Isafjordur. Just in case you’re wondering, this “capital” has a population of roughly 2,600 and is essentially a small town, which is part of its alluring charm. This blend of beautiful old houses and relaxed atmosphere of a fishing village mixed with a happening and lively town with a high cultural standard creates the best of both worlds.


And Isafjordur is of course the gateway to the most rural and isolated inhabited area of Iceland, the surrounding fjords where you’ll experience magnificent nature in the most unique way. 


If you’re looking for a personal experience with nature in near solitude with the option of charismatic culture and friendly people, Isafjordur is the perfect destination.