Only 45 minutes flight from Reykjavik Airport

  • Iceland's capital of the North
  • One of the country's best ski areas
  • A great area for outdoor activities of many kinds
  • Don't miss the botanic garden, town forest and local art and culture
  • Stay the night and book a hotel in Akureyri
  • We offer a variety of excursions in Akureyri through our partners. They can be explored and booked here(flights not included and must be booked separately)
Oneway / Roundtrip

Situated in Iceland’s longest fjord Eyjafjordur, you don’t really see Akureyri coming, literally and figuratively speaking. With its majestic mountains, Hrisey island, waterfalls flowing from cliffs directly into the fjord and incredible, green farmlands, Eyjafjordur suddenly makes sense as the setting for the “capital of the north”.


The natural wonders surrounding the town also justify the people that are determined to live there despite the often harsh weather conditions during winter and their strong desire to hold on to their miniscule dialect (you’ll never hear the difference) because they are undeniably proud of their region of origin. And they have a good reason to be proud since the town of Akureyri is an attraction in itself. 


With its beautifully renovated old buildings, its incredibly lush food industry, famous culinary culture and lively cultural life,  Akureyri is sure to entertain the most diverse interests.


Hlidarfjall Ski Resort
Only 5 km. from Northern Iceland's largest city Akureyri you will find the Hlidarfjall Ski Resort. 

Hlidarfjall has been the main ski resort in Iceland for almost 40 years with its 23 different alpine slopes, cross country ski trails of 3.5, 7 and 10 km and seven ski lifts.

The place is popular with both locals as well as skiing enthusiasts from around the world and is known for its snow machines that produces and improves the snow on the slopes, as well as its immense good views.

For more information about the Hlidarfjall Ski Resort click here.